Wood Effect Tiles, taking the tears out of restoring floors

wood effect tiles

Wood Effect Tiles, taking the tears out of restoring floors

There’s nothing quite like walking into a room and seeing a wide expanse of beautifully polished and clean wooden floor. The problem though is that a restored wood floor rarely retains its lustre for very long. High heels, pets, children, dropped cans, and general wear and tear can take something that could have cost many hours (or pounds) and render it less than perfect. While there are multiple varnishes on the market that promise to protect your timber floors from high traffic, you will still find yourself bemoaning a visitor’s heels or your pet’s unclipped claws.

That’s where wood effect tiles come into play. Installing tiles from our Logwood  or Patina ranges gives the overall aesthetic of a wooden floor without the heartache and tears. Their durability means that they can withstand scuffs and scratches, whilst maintaining the organic and natural look that you desire.

Perfect for rental properties

They aren’t affected or damaged by water either, making them perfect for high-end rental properties and holiday lets, creating an easily wipeable surface which doesn’t require specialist cleaning products. In fact, it can be argued that tiles are far more hygienic and better for allergy sufferers and busy families on the go, being easily wipeable and less prone to staining.

But, tiled floors are cold, not warm like wood

They can be, although they are very cooling in summer months, but with underfloor heating you’ll find that the overall effect is probably warmer.

Restoring a wooden floor means that there will undoubtedly be drafty gaps where the filler between the boards comes away over time. A tiled floor won’t suffer from this problem as a solid base is installed and then gaps are sealed with adhesive and grout.

With additional texture and depth, wood effect tiles have taken the interior design world by storm. So, if you’d like to throw out your laminate or save yourself from the sander, come and look at our ranges at our showroom in Aylesford.

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