Use tiles to create kerb appeal

Use tiles to create kerb appeal

A beautifully tiled pathway leading up to the front door could be the statement piece that your property has been crying out for. With numerous examples, especially when concerned with Victorian and Edwardian homes; an original tiled pathway or a sympathetic reproduction can significantly enhance your property with their dramatic and strikingly eye-catching effects.

Original Style’s ‘Victorian Floor Tiles’ catalogue is the perfect place to start when planning a project like this. It features a variety of styles, shapes, colours, patterns, and borders to choose from (as well as different tile sizes); many of which are based on authentic Victorian and Edwardian period designs.

The checkerboard pattern is a timeless design which transcends its heritage and works just as well in a contemporary setting. Primarily made up of black and white squares which render a classic ‘chessboard’ effect, this is a simple design that exudes quality.

A classic herringbone pattern is another timeless, simple design which can grace most properties without looking out of place. Currently listed as one of the top tile trends for 2019, this parquet pattern can give your home the kerb appeal that it’s been craving.

For a contemporary and modern twist on pathway tiles, large porcelain tiles, which are also listed in the top trends for 2019, can create a clean and classic look, whilst creating a finish that will look good for years to come. We recommend the Denverstone range with its textured colours and which can be pulled into your hallway or porch for a feeling of continuity.

If you feel like your home needs some extra kerb appeal, contact us or visit our showroom.

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