Tiled hallways -The Statement Entrance to your Home

Tiled hallways -The Statement Entrance to your Home

For many of us our hallway is the place where we dump our shoes and bags after a long day at work, before moving to our more comfortable spaces. Tired and forgotten, they are a storing space. Yet, first impressions count. Our hall is the entrance to our home, the place that visitors see first, so creating a welcoming, statement entrance is equally as important as installing a top of the range kitchen or waterfall showerhead.

Installing a tiled floor to your hallway is a practical alternative to standard laminate or carpeted options.

A wide variety of choice

A hallway is the perfect space to opt for bold and colourful designs. Using pattern not only lays your individuality on a space, but also draws visitors in. Whether you combine the pattern with neutral walls or bold colours, they can create a crisp and inviting finish.

For a patterned option, tiles from Comfort C by Dom Cermiche create a swirling finish in muted colours, which would complement a variety of wall colours and finishes. The Geo Rett tiles from the same range blend together to create a classic chequerboard effect.

Hardwearing and durable

Tiles are the ideal solution for floors in busy family homes. Hardwearing and attractive, they are durable enough to withstand busy family spaces, tramping feet, and wet dogs. They can also be cleaned easily, meaning that you can have a light floor without the worry of it being ruined by stains.

Tiled flooring is also great for allergy sufferers, because dust can be easily cleared and cleaned from its surfaces.


Tiles and warmth don’t usually go hand in hand, but installing underfloor heating beneath your hallway floor will provide you with that cosy feeling when you walk through the door and take your shoes off.

Additionally, as many hallways can be quite confined, underfloor heating frees up spaces where radiators would traditionally which means that you can create effective and beautiful storage options.

If you would like to give your hall a makeover or are frustrated by muddy footprints, come and visit our showroom.

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