Tile design ideas for your Victorian porch

Tile design ideas for your Victorian porch

As an Original Style supplier, we frequently get asked to advise on the best tiles to use for the entrances to Victorian and Heritage properties. Adding tiles to a Victorian porch can add old world grandeur and style, giving the property increased kerb appeal and creating a welcoming space.

Small but perfectly formed

In the case of porches, size really does matter. Incorporating small tiles into your design, combined with larger tiles in the middle and around the edges, can create an illusion of space.

Mix up your colours

Using bright and neutral colours can lighten a space, but adding dark tiles adds the classic Victorian perception of depth into your design. You could also consider contrasting the colours of the tiles to your front door colour, or other elements in your front garden.

Consider patterned tiles

Adding some patterned tiles can add a touch of interest to a simple design. Thinking about pattern in your design can perfectly compliment it.

Think about your finishing touches

Adding a border can help to cover any wonky walls or corners and can create a polished finish. Additionally, if your porch is enclosed, you could also consider a complementing tile pattern or design on the walls.


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