Prime + Grip – Multipurpose bond enhancing primer

Prime + Grip – Multipurpose bond enhancing primer

✔ Sand/Cement Screed
✔ Concrete
✔ Plywood Overlay
✔ Electric Underfloor Heating
✔ Water/Wet System Underfloor Heating
✔ Tile Backer Boards
✔ Tile on Tile
✔ Flooring Grade Asphalt & Bitumen
✔ Anhydrite Screeds
✔ Plaster
✔ Plasterboard
✔ Fibre Cement Sheet
✔ Cement/Sand Render
✔ Concrete Brick/Block
✔ T & G Floorboards
✔ Floating Floors
✔ Existing Vinyl Tiles
✔ Steel/Metal Surfaces
✔ Fibreglass
✔ Green Screed
✔ Epoxy DPM

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Tilemaster Prime + Grip is a ready mixed, ready to use, rapid drying primer that can be used on both absorbent and non-absorbent substrates. Prime + Grip provides a textured “+ Grip” surface which gives an excellent bonding surface for Tilemaster tile adhesives and self-levelling compounds. Prime + Grip is rapid drying and it can be tiled or levelled over after as little as 15 minutes. Prime + Grip is suitable for use internally and externally.

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Approximately 45 – 65m² per 5kg (depending on porosity of surface/substrate)

Application Temperatures

5ºC –30ºC

Drying Time before Tiling/ Levelling

15 – 20 minutes in ideal conditions