Fila – Deterdek – Concentrated Acid Detergent

Fila – Deterdek – Concentrated Acid Detergent

 Product Code: FIL001


What It’s For

  • Removes post-application deposits and building-site dirt.
  • Eliminates saline efflorescence from terracotta.
  • Eliminates lime-scale from floors, showers, bathroom fittings.
  • Thoroughly cleans outdoor floors.
  • It removes deposits and cleans at the same time because it also contains surfactants.
  • Effective against rust stains.


  • Buffered acid, does not produce harmful fumes for the user and the environment: it does not contain hydrochloric acid.
  • Does not change the appearance or colour of materials.
  • It cleans but does not attack.
  • Does not affect grouting.
  • Does not ruin profiles or items in aluminium and steel (kitchen hoods, pipes…).
  • Can be used on many surfaces, terracotta, porcelain and ceramic tiles, and acid resistant
  • Has many functions: it can clean and remove deposits according to dilution.
  • It is also effective in removing grout residues.


Ideal For:

  • Terracotta
  • Quarry Tiles
  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Glazed Ceramic
  • Acid-resistant Stone Surfaces



Technical Data Health & Safety Declaration of ingredients
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A concentrated detergent for removing laying residues and for cleaning exteriors.