Matting Systems

  • Beava Anti-Crack Mat

    Product code: STS007

    Price: £7.44m2 Inc Vat
    £6.20m2 Ex Vat
  • Beava Anti-Crack Mat Pro

    Anti-Crack Mat Pro is a de-coupling mat with waterproofing qualities. The Polyethylene membrane coupled with the fleece underside makes this an ideal option more most substrates and applications. The ability to evenly distribute heavy loads makes cracking grout and tiles a thing of the past


    Product code: STS008

    Price: £9.37m2 Inc Vat
    £7.81m2 Ex Vat
  • Schlüter Ditra 25 – Uncoupling matting – Cut to order


    ✔Mortar screeds

    ✔Gypsum based screeds

    ✔Radiant heated screeds

    ✔Masonry / mixed substrates

    ✔Stucco / plaster

    ✔Balconies / terraces

    ✔Rooftop terraces

    ✔Synthetic flooring and surface coatings

    ✔Plywood, chipboard and oriented strand board (OSB)

    ✔Structural plank subflooring

    ✔Bituminous screed (paving grade asphalt)

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  • Tilemaster Anti-fracture mat – Cut to order

    ✔ Sand/Cement Screed
    ✔ Concrete
    ✔ Plywood Overlay
    ✔ Chipboard Overlay
    ✔ Electric Underfloor Heating
    ✔ Water/Wet System Underfloor Heating
    ✔ Tile Backer Boards
    ✔ Tile on Tile
    ✔ Flooring Grade Asphalt & Bitumen
    ✔Anhydrite Screeds
    ✔ Fibre Cement Sheet
    ✔ T & G Floorboards
    ✔ Floating Floors
    ✔ Existing Vinyl Tiles
    ✔ Steel/Metal Surfaces
    ✔ Fibreglass
    ✖ Green Screed
    Technical Data