How to create a beach style look in your home

beach style

How to create a beach style look in your home

Beach style is more than kiss me quick hats and anchors. It’s about embracing the breezy lightness of the seaside and adding touches of light colour to your home. Evoking the feelings of beach houses, a coastal space uses soft tones, natural light combined with vivid blues, stripes and crisp whites.

Embrace coastal shades and hues

Mixing and matching different tones of blue can bring the feeling of the ocean into your home. From rich dark blues like our Mediterraneo Blue Mix, to teal and aqua accents in our Metro Bevel range, it is possible to embrace the many colours and tones of the sea.

To accentuate, consider adding touches of yellow, grey and natural colours, to replicate the sense of surf.

Materials matter

Replicating the wooden floors of beach houses is possible with wood effect floor tiles. Robust, sturdy and easy to maintain, you can create a sleek wooden feel without the expense of sanding floors.

For walls it’s worth considering mosaic tiles such as our Elements Dolomite range, which incorporates the textures and colours of the beach and driftwood, or Jewel Akbar, pulling in hints of polished sea glass into your room.

Accentuate with beach motifs

Whether you choose some decorative tiles to dot amongst your standard wall tiles or pick decorative items, adding some beach motifs will pull your design together.

Pebbles, fish designs and anchors all evoke feelings of the beach and the ocean.

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