Creating futureproofed and environmentally friendly interiors

Futureproofed Interiors

Creating futureproofed and environmentally friendly interiors

With an increasing focus on fast fashion, reducing waste, and limiting our use of plastics, we should begin to start considering futureproofing the interiors that we design.

In much the same way that a wardrobe has staple statement pieces accentuated by the latest trends, so our interiors should work in the same way. A well designed and installed kitchen for instance can withstand fashion changes by altering the colour of walls or accessories. For a client requesting bright colours, this can be pulled in on walls and in accents, whilst being supported by a base colour scheme. Grey is the perfect accompaniment to bright tones and has been on trend for a number of years. Our Esencia Botella tiles add a touch of muted colour to match most colour schemes, whilst our grey metro tiles maintain a popular and historical style which will match any colour revamp.

While vinyl and laminate flooring has also seen a resurgence, again in muted neutral tones, it’s also worth considering tiling as an option for high traffic areas. A tiled floor is far more hard wearing than its wooden or laminated alternatives, reducing the likelihood of future landfill waste from subsequent remodels. For a laminate alternative the Comfort W Range provides a hardwearing and durable surface that is fade resistant, whilst incorporating the popular trend for grey flooring.

Alternatively, creating a floor that is a centrepiece can also provide a long-term, environmentally friendly option that can become a feature of a home for years to come. We frequently meet clients who want to replicate Victorian flooring designs using Original Style tiles, pulling a traditional feel into a modern interior. A patterned tiled hallway can equally reflect and adapt to changing fashions, Comfort C floor tiles can create a long lasting patterned effect, providing a hardwearing, adaptable, and traditional option.

Utilising porcelain within the home also adds some significant green credentials. Aside from its longer life span, the low maintenance nature of tiles mean that users can eliminate toxic and harsh cleaning materials.

Our new showroom is opening soon, stocked with a wide and varied range of tiles and decorating options. Come in and have a chat with our experts.

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