Author - Tabitha Fox

Futureproofed Interiors

Creating futureproofed and environmentally friendly interiors

With an increasing focus on fast fashion, reducing waste, and limiting our use of plastics, we should begin to start considering futureproofing the interiors that we design. In much the same way that a wardrobe has staple statement pieces accentuated by the latest trends, so our interiors should work in the same way. A well designed and installed kitchen for instance can withstand fashion changes by altering the colour of walls or accessories. For a client requesting bright colours, this [...]


Tile design ideas for your Victorian porch

As an Original Style supplier, we frequently get asked to advise on the best tiles to use for the entrances to Victorian and Heritage properties. Adding tiles to a Victorian porch can add old world grandeur and style, giving the property increased kerb appeal and creating a welcoming space. Small but perfectly formed In the case of porches, size really does matter. Incorporating small tiles into your design, combined with larger tiles in the middle and around the edges, can create [...]

bathroom tiling tips

How to ensure that your newly tiled bathroom looks perfect

Whenever we redecorate a bathroom we always want to aim for the perfect finish, after all it’s a big investment of time and money. However, when there are so many options and styles to choose from, it’s very easy to make mistakes. Here are some tips to help you avoid the usual pitfalls. Avoid rushing By the nature of the fact that your bathroom is one of the most essential rooms in your house, the temptation to rush the job will always [...]

beach style

How to create a beach style look in your home

Beach style is more than kiss me quick hats and anchors. It’s about embracing the breezy lightness of the seaside and adding touches of light colour to your home. Evoking the feelings of beach houses, a coastal space uses soft tones, natural light combined with vivid blues, stripes and crisp whites. Embrace coastal shades and hues Mixing and matching different tones of blue can bring the feeling of the ocean into your home. From rich dark blues like our Mediterraneo Blue [...]

wood effect tiles

Wood Effect Tiles, taking the tears out of restoring floors

There’s nothing quite like walking into a room and seeing a wide expanse of beautifully polished and clean wooden floor. The problem though is that a restored wood floor rarely retains its lustre for very long. High heels, pets, children, dropped cans, and general wear and tear can take something that could have cost many hours (or pounds) and render it less than perfect. While there are multiple varnishes on the market that promise to protect your timber floors [...]

Moorish style tiles

Bringing your holiday back to your home

As we all jet off on our summer holidays, many of us may find ourselves in Spain and Portugal, full of Moorish tiles and influences. One of our clients recently walked into our shop grasping a tile that he had picked out of a skip that was near the cave house in Southern Spain that he’d been staying in. He wanted to recreate the looks and colours contained within the tile, so he could use them throughout his home. [...]


Use tiles to create kerb appeal

A beautifully tiled pathway leading up to the front door could be the statement piece that your property has been crying out for. With numerous examples, especially when concerned with Victorian and Edwardian homes; an original tiled pathway or a sympathetic reproduction can significantly enhance your property with their dramatic and strikingly eye-catching effects. Original Style’s ‘Victorian Floor Tiles’ catalogue is the perfect place to start when planning a project like this. It features a variety of styles, shapes, colours, [...]


Tiled hallways -The Statement Entrance to your Home

For many of us our hallway is the place where we dump our shoes and bags after a long day at work, before moving to our more comfortable spaces. Tired and forgotten, they are a storing space. Yet, first impressions count. Our hall is the entrance to our home, the place that visitors see first, so creating a welcoming, statement entrance is equally as important as installing a top of the range kitchen or waterfall showerhead. Installing a tiled floor [...]


Revamp your kitchen

What do you do when your kitchen just isn’t filling you with joy anymore? Maybe you like the worktops and cupboards, but it just isn’t providing that wow factor that it once did. Just because you want to make a change, doesn’t mean that you have to rip out all your units and start again. We share some tips on how to update your space with minimal fuss.   Replace tired tile splashbacks Injecting some architectural style and additional colour can be done by [...]


The Power of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain wall and floor tiles can deliver a world of exciting possibilities to your home. Beautiful and practical, they can be used in many situations, commercial and domestic, inside and out. Having been used for centuries, they can still give a contemporary feel to any design scheme; continuing to add decorative aesthetics to our spaces. So what makes them so special? Porcelain and ceramic tiles are usually treated as separate products, Despite the fact that they look very similar, they [...]